Care Instructions

We find care for fabric (knits, crochet, wovens) made from our U.S. Organic Cotton to be very simple:

Machine wash warm on a gentle setting, using a mild detergent with a neutral pH—we like Joy, then machine dry on a gentle setting.  There is a small amount of shrinkage the first time and our designs plan for that—in some cases, the knit stitches don’t take their final shape until washed and dried.

Note: We have been contacted by crafters who have washed their natural (not-dyed) organic cotton yarn and yellow spots appear.  We have found that this happens when a detergent is used that has an oil in it—the oil lingers in the cotton.  It will wash out with a very thorough rinsing.

Also, we were recently contacted by a knitter who made a knit hat with one of our dyed yarns. She soaked it in Woolite and the yarn bled.  Our dye house has advised us that detergents formulated for cleaning wool should NOT be used on dyed cotton.